Update Logs of DoSWF

15th 七 2010DoSWF,

Version 5.5.0(2015.10.08) Update Logs:

  • UI Optimized.
  • Bugs Fixed In Actionscript Obfuscation.

Version 5.4.4(2014.07.13) Update Logs:

  • Fixed some bugs in obfuscation.

Version 5.4.0(2013.08.20) Update Logs:

  • Added AIR file support.
  • Added APK file support.
  • Fixed some bugs in obfuscation.

Version 5.2.7(2013.02.17) Update Logs:

  • Add LZMA compressation.
  • Fixed some bugs in command line interface.
  • Fixed some bugs in analyzing.

Version 5.2.0(2012.08.29) Update Logs:

  • Rebuild the architecture.
  • Added asynchornous analyszation.
  • Fixed some bugs about encrypt as2 file.

Version 5.1.0(2012.05.04) Update Logs:

  • Bugs fix.

Version 5.0.1(2011.12.16) Update Logs:

  • Added SWC support in command line interface.
  • Added dragging directory support for FPE.
  • Fixed some bugs of encryption.
  • Added support for Starling framework.

Version 5.0.0(2011.11.11) Update Logs:

  • Optimized Large Application Analyser.
  • Updated Protection For Memory Searching.
  • Updated ‘Same Classes’ Function.
  • Fixed Some Bugs in Encryption.
  • Deleted ‘Encrypt ActionScript3.0’ Function.

Version 4.9.4(2011.08.10) Update Logs:

  • Updated adding watermark to ActionScript2.0 file.
  • Updated command line interface of FPE and DoSWF Professional.
  • Fixed some bugs in featrue ‘Obfuscate Instructions’.

Version 4.9.1(2011.05.21) Update Logs:

  • Fixed some encryption bugs.
  • Support Flex application used RSL.

Version 4.9.0(2011.03.12) Update Logs:

  • Fixed some bugs in encrytion and obfuscation.
  • Updated encrypt actionscript3.0 function.
  • Updated same class name function.

Version 4.8.0(2010.11.12) Update Logs:

  • Optimized Actionscript obfuscatioin.
  • Added a function to same classes name.
  • Added a function to lock swf file.

Version 4.7.1(2010.10.28) Update Logs:

  • Added a new encryption solution for Actionscript3.0.
  • Optimized Actionscript obfuscatioin.

Version 4.7.0(2010.09.20) Update Logs:

  • Added support to Haxe application.
  • Added command line interface for FPE.
  • Added same class name featurs.
  • Optimized abc data rebuilding.
  • Optimized same methods featurs.

Version 4.6.4(2010.08.30) Update Logs:

  • Improved confusation.
  • Improved command line interface for Adobe AIR versioin.
  • Added ‘external features’ panel.

Version 4.6.0(2010.07.02) Update Logs:

  • Added features for Flash CS5.
  • Solved some bugs in obfuscating flex application.
  • Improved swc obfuscation.

Version 4.5.5(2010.06.03) Update Logs:

  • Added config file module(.do file).
  • Optimized obfuscation.
  • Solved 1502 error.
  • Improved flex encryption.

Version 4.5.4(2010.05.16) Update Logs:

  • Added feature for obfuscating swc file.
  • Improved feature for mixing methods.
  • Optimized feature for obfuscating instructions.
  • Optimized featrue for obfuscation.
  • Fixed some bug in encrypting flex application.

Version 4.5.3(2010.05.11) Update Logs:

  • Fixed some bugs in encryption.
  • Improved obfuscation.

Version 4.5.2(2010.04.23) Update Logs:

  • Optimized obfuscation.
  • Improved instruction obfucation.

Version 4.5.1(2010.04.08) Update Logs:

  • Added feature for optimizing swf.
  • Added feature for mixing methods.
  • Added feature for adding watermark on as2 file.
  • Optimized obfuscation.
  • Improved instruction obfucation.
  • Changed some intercations.
  • Deleted “remove” feature.
  • Deleted add template watermark.

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