The comparison between DoSWF and swfEncrypt

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The protection for flash swf files is very very important. Even more it is webgame or SNS game. But after Adobe opened the swf and ABC(Actionscript Byte Code) format, to protect a flash swf becomes more hard. So here we just show serval encrpytion tools and make some comparison between DoSWF end swfEncrypt.

So far, the most popular flash swf encryption tools is:swfEncrypt.

It is a old encryptor. I use it to encrypt a swf file(developed based on actionscript3.0), and use ASV(the most decompiler) to decompile. Here it the data ASV get:

Surprisingly little changed! The packages name, the classes name, the methods name are almost the same as original.

After encrypting by DoSWF, use the ASV try to decompile the encrypted swf file. The ASV is crashed!
So just using the obfuscation feature, do not use the encrypt feature. The ASV get data as following:

Almost all packages name, classes name and methods name are change to “?”. That protect actionscript profectly. Other more, DoSWF can also encrypt the assets in swf file, including media, video and so on. After encrypting, the flash swf decompiler just get nothing:

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